Interpretation of soil chroma's

On the reference soil-chroma chart you see 12 different chroma's. The numbers 1 to 12 are in line with the overall health state of the soil:


chroma 1= very poor


chroma 12= very good

(The chart consists of soil-chroma's carefully selected out of thousands of soil-chroma's)


Interpretation of compost chroma's

On the reference compost-chroma chart you see 4 different chroma's. These compost-chroma's represent the four stages of excellent compost development.

(This chart consists of compost-chroma's carefully selected out of thousands of compost-chroma's)

Stage 1: Compost-chroma 17 (Please note: a "compost-starter" must be used)

Stage 2: Compost-chroma 18 (after 2 to 3 weeks)

Stage 3: Compost-chroma 19 (after 5 to 6 weeks)

Stage 4: Compost-chroma 20: The end-product (after 8 to 9 weeks) This is premium quality compost and can be used for "compost-tea".

The process of good composting is an art and has to be set up by a compost expert. Normally in 8 to 9 weeks (depending on external factors like moisture and weather temperature) the end-product: ripe compost (always started with a starter= a mixture of beneficial micro-organisms) will be ready for immediate use.