How do I order a chroma?

Please take the following soil/compost chroma steps:

A sample of the soil/compost - not to be touched barehanded - must be taken according to precise guideliness

It then takes appr. 24 hours to make the chroma, its development will take about 1-2 weeks.


Step 1: take samples from your soil or compost

do not touch the soil with bare hands;

do not take soil/compost from the very top;

do not take soil when just freshly manured/fertililized;

do take soil/compost from different places of the same plot;

do mix the different soil/compost-samples of the same spot;

do take soil samples cross-sectioned at the maximum depth of 20-30 cm.

Step 2: send in the soil/compost: 100 to 200 grammes to:

AGRECOL, P.O. Box 151, 2130 AD Hoofddorp The Netherlands

( Name the soil and indicate its present state from the outside, what's its history?, how is the soil treated etc.)

Step 3: allow us 4 to 6 weeks for delivery

Depending on the specifications of your soil rendered to us, we will be enabled to explain the chroma drawn from your soil/compost thoroughly. Next to the chroma a full report with recommendations will be send back to you.

Step 4: payment

60 Ecu's (excl. P&P) is expected beforehand on our postbankaccount 5311390, Mondiaal Alternatief AGRECOL, P.O.Box 151, 2130 AD Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, please mention your sample-name