About Ecoscripts

The sloping line symbolises the principle of happy-go-lucky ECONOMIC GROWTH leading to environmental decay.
The circle in the end stands for the way out: BIODYNAMIC RECYCLING leading to economically viable, socially just and ecologically sound practices.

Ecoscripts: a series of original publications, reprints and translations in the field of ecology and ecosophy

Ecoscripts: aim at furthering mankind's ecological consciousness

Mondiaal Alternatief provides a large array of publications in
a number of fields. A larger part of it consists of a series
called ECOSCRIPT. It is a series of original publications,
reprints and translations on an ecological basis treating
environmental implications of a certain situation. All public-
ations are of a high quality and from high-standing authors.

It is our aim to provide readers in case of a certain publica-
tion with information about environmental consequences of the
facts mentioned in that publication. Mostly it will be a well-
founded criticism to abuses in a certain field or the danger
of such abuses with (possible) environmental consequences. A
single time it may happen that an adversary opinion will fit
our way to illustrate a certain environmental problem.

As you will notice when scanning the titles of our publicat-
ions, a larger part is still only issued in Dutch. We would
like to provide issues in other languages, but translating is
a costly business. Any suggestion to improve this situation
will be welcomed.