The Camelsnose?

A camel has an enormous nose, wonderfully adopted to the harse environment: the desert, in which survival might be very difficult. The same is true for environmental organisations.
For example: The Foundation for Ecodevelopment, crying out in the desert for decades now. However, the survival of the Planet Earth is at stake, so The Camelsnose will continuously be stuck in environmentally destructive human activities and subsequently exposing these activities to the broad daylight.

The Camelsnose Project

Communication structures are rapidly changing. Key-word in this change is "internet-connectivity". More and more electronic information is leading the way. If done correctly less paper has to be used.

The Camelsnose establishes a link to environmental information worldwide.

If you like to support our work: Please become a member of the Foundation for Ecodevelopment for 20 Ecu's a year (Postbankaccount 5311390, Mondiaal Alternatief, 151, 2130 AD Hoofddorp, the Netherlands).

Only then you are a.o. a genuine supporter of the Camelsnose!
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