Basic Beliefs

Mondiaal Alternatief (MA), Foundation for Ecodevelopment

MA knowing all life-forms on earth and its building stones: "dead" material, are closely intertwined, embraces a fundamental approach:
The biosphere functions as a whole, therefore must be treated as a whole, otherwise it cannot continue to function properly

MA is NOT related to any religious or political organization.
MA operates on the following assumption: every human individual bares an individual responsibility for the global environment: the biosphere, hence the quality of life of future (human) generations.

MA strives to achieve a bio-dynamic cyclic household of the planet earth:
The realization of a new international ecological order (NIEO): a worldwide social and ecological need for a conservation strategy for the entire biosphere.

MA knows these basic beliefs are fundamental truths and considers everyone living according to the basics of these beliefs - so independently from sex, income, religion, race, conviction, mental state, physical condition etc. - as a member of MA

For these reasons the basic beliefs of MA goes beyond the foundation of any (environmental) interest-group. Current - state-of-the-art - economic beliefs lead to massive biosphere degradation. MA' s basic beliefs are the only way out and the NIEO-application will lead to universal well-being of all life on earth
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